In the beginning, there was HTML.

(and it was really good).

Then, we invented the dynamic website. (Things got complicated).

We invented the CMS, workflow management, and WYSIWYG editors that spat out ‹HTML /›.

That meant databases had to come along for the ride.

Then we crossed our fingers that it wouldn’t melt down when we got lots of traffic.

There has to be a better way.

Fortunately, there is.

New tools enable us to build static sites again, with the information delivery you’d expect from a dynamic site.

Sites like and are leading this new movement.


The dynamic website is dead. Long live the (static) website.

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Earth image: DonkeyHotey
Power lines image: inVICus
Nuclear image: Lennart Tange
Mainframe image: Library of Congress
Filing cabinet image: Library of Congress