Quick Hits - January 2014

Dave Cole

Regardless your political pursuasion, it’s wonderful to see a true geek exploring a run for national office. Dave Cole of Mapbox fame is looking at a run in New Jersey’s 2nd district. If you care about improving government tech, [this is a campaign to keep an eye on this year.] (http://www.coleforcongress.com)


Well, this is interesting. Github’s been making moves beyond sharing code for a while now, but this is their first attempt at bringing designers into the fold. Smart move, on their part, in aquiring Easel. This could make designing in the open much easier.


A much needed refresh for the federal government’s open data portal went live this week. Happy to see that after a lengthy journey from alpha.data.gov and next.data.gov, this thing made it out the door. While there are certainly things I’d like to see improved, this is a great start. And, now that the site is open source, it will be easy to help make improvements. Props to the GSA team for pulling this off.

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