A picture of me

I’m a web designer with over 16 years experience improving citizen interaction with government. I’ve worked on government design projects at the White House, for Hawaii, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and many other governments across the country. My career in government design began in 2004 working as designer, then later as creative director for RI.gov (the official website for all things Rhode Island government). My employer, private-sector company NIC, is a provider of digital government services in various states across the country.

Recently, I served as a member of the inaugural class of Presidential Innovation Fellows at the White House. My project team: MyGov, was charged with reinventing the relationship between citizens and government. MyGov (now MyUSA), went from white board sketch to private beta in six months, with a public launch to follow soon.

After my time in Washington, recent work has taken me to Hawaii to redesign Hawaii.gov, Madison, WI to mentor a design team working on Wisconsin.gov, and the Rhode Island School of Design, where I had the opportunity to speak with students studying how we can use design to improve our experience on election day. This past spring, I led a SXSW panel discussing the merits of building static websites.